SPONSOR: Dudek Modern Goods

22 August 2015 By ian

Many thanks to Dudek Modern Goods for sponsoring the blog this week. Mike Dudek has been very supportive to me since early on in this site’s life and he also happens to make some excellent pen and pencil stands. (I’ve bought three.)

As you’ve been acquiring new and nicer pens, the coffee mug on your desk may not be the most ideal (or beautiful) option to store these beauties. Mike Dudek of The Clicky Post and Dudek Modern Goods initially set out to make himself some minimal yet elegant walnut stands to store his own pens and a brand was born. He enjoys making and sharing his creations with fellow pen and pencil lovers around the world that also appreciate simple and timeless design. Your pen storage can be both functional and pleasing to look at.

There are 9 products in the Dudek Modern Goods line that can hold pens, notebooks, or even your favorite fountain pen ink. All pieces are made from solid walnut sourced from Mike’s local lumber yard (also a small business).

Dudek Modern Goods are handmade and produced by Mike Dudek out of Arizona, USA.

And, for a short time through August 29th use the special promo code PPP for 10% off your purchase from any item in the shop.