Schneider Slider XB Ballpoint Pen Review

Schneider Slider XB review

The Schneider Slider XB is a ballpoint pen that uses a hybrid ink dubbed ‘ViscoGlide’. It’s available with nine different colours of ink for about £1.75 ($3-ish) in the UK.

Schneider Slider XB capped

The XB in the name stands for extra-broad and this pen puts down a 0.7mm line. Medium and fine versions are also available. It suffers the usual ballpoint problem of an occasional skip but I haven’t noticed much in the way of gloopiness. It’s not a bad line for a ballpoint.

Schneider Slider XB tip

This pen writes incredibly smoothly. It’s a pleasant writing experience, the tip gliding (sliding, even) across the page without feeling as if it’s trying to get away from you.

Schneider Slider XB grip

The barrel is quite slim but the rubbery grip makes it comfortable to hold. The cap posts securely and the clip is reasonably strong and clippy.

Schneider Slider XB posted

The Schneider Slider XB is a good ballpoint at a good price. I don’t think it’s as nice as the Uniball Jetstream 0.7 but it beats the Jetstream 1.0 hands down.

Schneider Slider XB handwritten review


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