molossus, who says Life Imitates Doodles

21 August 2013 By ian

molossus, who says Life Imitates Doodles There’s so much good stuff on Flickr. I particularly love Sandra Strait’s work. Her paintings and doodles are beautiful and she gets bonus points for so often sharing the pens and inks she uses. I’m a zentangle fanatic who loves mastiffs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reading, and did I […]

Waterman Translucent fountain pen review

19 August 2013 By ian

I picked this pen up for under 7 Euros in a French supermarket. A Waterman fountain pen for that price? Yes please! It turns out that it has a good fine nib, is comfortable to hold and use and feels like it should have cost several times as much. I wish I’d filled my trolley […]

In my pockets

15 August 2013 By ian

This is what I carry in my pockets every day. A Kaweco Classic Sport with an extra-fine nib (although it’s not actually all that extra fine), filled at the moment with Pelikan 4001 black; a Calepino notebook; and a Davis Leatherworks cover. They are all wonderful things. Sometime soon I’ll come back to each one […]

Bamboo pens

14 August 2013 By ian

Bamboo pens from EmmyLousEmporium on Etsy. Emmy-Lou Porter cuts them from her garden. You can’t get much more back to basics than these pens. They take some getting used to and I haven’t managed to write anything legible in them yet but they see to me well suited to drawing our cats.