Next door's roof garden (Marrakech)

Marrakech chimney (sketch)

25 April 2014 By ian

Next door's roof garden (Marrakech)

I spent last week in Marrakech on my honeymoon! (I am very lucky.) Marrakech is busy, noisy, colourful, manic, alive, smelly, busy, riotous, vivid and a lot of other adjectives, all at once. It has untold opportunities for sketching but I didn’t take them – I was far too busy trying to see and experience it all. In fact, while I was there I only drew two sketches, both (not un-coincidentally) from the roof terrace of the beautiful Riad we stayed in. Here is the first one, just some detail of the neighbour’s chimney.

Despite the lack of in-situ sketches you can expect a lot more pictures from Marrakech as I work through some of the 450 photos we took…

Tombow Mono 100 pencils, Pink Pig sketchbook