Diamine Purple Pazzazz Ink Review

Diamine Purple Pazzazz ink review

Another of Diamine’s sparkly inks and this one is as overtop in colour as it is in name. Purple with gold sparkles, it’s my daughter’s dream combo. This ink does not do subtle.

Diamine Purple Pazzazz shimmer

Here I am doodling the Inkling.

To get the best(?!) out of this ink you need to use it with a big fat nib or, preferably, a wide dip nib. Exercise care with normal fountain pens and don’t leave the ink in too long. Those sparkles get everywhere.

Diamine Purple Pazzazz

I first reviewed this ink for The Pen Company. I also received a sample from Pure Pens.

You can find some more reviews of Diamine Purple Pazzazz on Pennaquod.

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