De Atramentis Archive Ink review and Inkling

De Atramentis Archive Ink review

18 March 2014 By ian

De Atramentis Archive Ink review

This is my first review of a black ink because, let’s face it, black is not all that exciting. (This is coming from someone who not so long ago only wrote in black.)

However, what makes De Atramentis Archive Ink special is that it is, in the words of The Writing Desk (who kindly supplied this sample), it is: a permanent and waterproof archive-quality ink for fountain pens. Non-acidic, does not contain iron-gall, light-fast.

I had to test it so I wrote out some lines using a couple of pens that are also supposed to be archival quality (OHTO Graphic Liner and a Sharpie) and a couple that make no such claims (Sailor Jentle fountain pen ink and a Pilot Hi-Tec-C). I’d say the De Atramentis holds up extremely well.

De Atramentis Archive Ink dry


De Atramentis Archive Ink water test wet


I think this ink is a winner. It’s a proper black (as in, it’s not grey), it dries extremely quickly and it will last forever. Obviously a little care needs to be taken to avoid it drying in a pen (there is a certain challenge to washing out a waterproof and permanent ink, after all) but as long as you bear that in mind, this is an excellent choice for a black ink.

Here I am doodling the Inkling.

If you would like to buy this ink direct from The Writing Desk look here.

De Atramentis Archive Ink review and Inkling