Custom ground Pelikan nibs

18 September 2014 By ian

Pelikan custom ground nib review

I very much like my Pelikan M215. It seems there may be some quality control issues with the nibs but the fine one that I bought has always been very lovely.

In recent months, though, I’ve really fallen for stubs and italics. I think this is an inevitable consequence of discovering and enjoying the hundreds of beautiful inks there are out in the world. An good italic nib lets the ink sing to you as you write.

I was rummaging around the Pelikan Pens website, as I am sure most people tend to do whenever they have a spare moment, and stumbled across their nib grinding service. Ross (once interviewed on this very site) will grind any medium or broad Pelikan nib, stainless steel or gold, bought from them (with or without a pen attached to it) to a stub. Obviously I had to order one.

Pelikan custom ground nib under

It’s really wonderful. Smoother than the fine I had in the pen originally, nice and wet flowing, and full of stubby shady goodness.

This is quite a niche service, even by our standards, but if you are in the market for a new Pelikan pen or nib then it comes highly recommended. Ross grinds a lovely nib (he writes about his process here) and he and his team always provide fantastic service.

Pelikan custom ground nib handwritten review

I was able to buy this custom ground nib at a slight discount but was under no obligation to write a review or say anything nice. These are my own views.