Category: Pencil review

Sprout Wooden Pencil Review

28 September 2016 By ian

The Sprout pencil is a pencil you can plant when you’ve finished using it. There are graphite and colouring versions. Pencils are available with a wide variety of seeds including flowers, fruits and herbs. The barrel of the pencils are made of cedar from sustainable forests: a new tree is planted each time one is […]

Sotterranea Officina Sperimentale Sostanza Pencil Quick Look

3 August 2016 By ian

The Sostanza is a simple but beautiful wooden clutch pencil designed by Sotterranea Officina Sperimentale (SOS) in Italy. It’s currently (as of 3rd August 2016) an active and funded Kickstarter campaign but it runs out on the 6th. SOS were kind enough to send me a sample to have a quick look at before the […]

Platinum Pro-Use II MSD-1500 Mechanical Pencil Review

6 June 2016 By ian

The Pro-Use II has an unusual design. Most mechanical pencils are slender. This one is of more cuddly proportions. How does it shape up? I was able to get this pen at a discount thanks to Cult Pens’ support of the site. These are my own honest opinions. Price: $25 (USA) £15.50 (UK) Lead size […]

Tombow 8900 Pencil Review

18 May 2016 By ian

Tombow make great pencils for both writing and drawing. The 8900 is Tombow’s cheaper pencil for “General Writing”. Price: $0.80 Lead grade options: 2H, H, HB, B, 2B Barrel colours: green Barrel shape: hexagonal Eraser?: no The 8900 is a good looking pencil. It’s simple, with an unfinished end, but a good quality green finish […]

Zebra Delguard Mechanical Pencil Review

7 March 2016 By ian

I bought my Zebra Delguard pencil after reading a fantastic review on Bleistift. It looked so fascinating I had to try it out for myself. Price: £4.30 (UK, from Japan via Amazon), $7.50 (USA) Lead size options: 0.5mm Barrel options: white, blue, light blue, black, green, pink Size: 13.7cm long, 1.1cm wide Weight: 28g The […]