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Pens For Sale

5 February 2018 By ian

I’m having a big clear out of fountain pens. These are all really good pens that I’ve enjoyed but having recently been lucky enough to be able to try some incredible pens, I want to gather up some funds to buy something special. All are in excellent condition. Although I don’t have photos yet they’ve […]

Pennaquod Search Engine Update

22 October 2017 By ian

Pennaquod is a Google-based search engine that restricts its searches to stationery blogs. Usually when you search for a pen on Google you end up with lots of Amazon and eBay listings, making it hard to track down reviews. Pennaquod makes that easier. If you were a regular Pennaquod user in the past, you might […]

Start Bay Navigator Notebook Cover One Year On

18 October 2017 By ian

Back in June 2017 I reviewed my fairly new Start Bay Navigator leather notebook cover. This cover holds up to four A5-sized notebooks using elastic cords. Since then it’s been in daily use for almost eighteen months. I’ve also met the man behind the business and I’ve had a chance to look at a newer […]

Standing the Test of Time (3)

27 February 2017 By ian

I’ve been writing here at Pens! Paper! Pencils! for almost four years now and in that time I’ve reviewed 138 inks, 67 pencils (wooden and mechanical), 177 pens and 66 other items (notebooks, cases, etc). As I did around this time last year, and the year before, I thought it would be interesting to look […]

Pennaquod Pen Blog Search Engine

11 January 2017 By ian

I’ve not mentioned for quite a while. It’s a search engine that tries to remove for sale listings and shops and let you find review information. It does this by searching almost 100 pen blogs. It uses a customised Google search to do this and so you’ll see some ads at the top, provided […]