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SPONSOR: Dudek Modern Goods

22 August 2015 By ian

Many thanks to Dudek Modern Goods for sponsoring the blog this week. Mike Dudek has been very supportive to me since early on in this site’s life and he also happens to make some excellent pen and pencil stands. (I’ve bought three.) As you’ve been acquiring new and nicer pens, the coffee mug on your […]

SPONSOR: Pocket Notebooks

15 August 2015 By ian

Thank you very much to Pocket Notebooks for sponsoring Pens! Paper! Pencils! this month. In the age of smartphones, social media and all-things digital, it’s easy to forget the power of good, old-fashioned pen and paper. Here at Pocket Notebooks we are passionate about stationery and a romantic for traditional, analog writing supplies, it’s part […]

SPONSOR: Pen Chalet

8 August 2015 By ian

Thank you so much to Pen Chalet for sponsoring Pens! Paper! Pencils! this month. They have super quick delivery (even to the UK – it took just 3 days for my last pen to arrive) and always have many genuinely great deals. Read on to find out about a special discount for all you lovely […]

SPONSOR: The Journal Shop

1 August 2015 By ian

Thank you to The Journal Shop for sponsoring Pens! Paper! Pencils! What can we say about The Traveler’s Notebook that hasn’t been said before! The legendary system of leather cover and refills allows you to fully customise your journal to suit your lifestyle. The simplicity and understated beauty of the leather cover, available in regular […]

Pens Under a Tenner

1 April 2015 By ian

Following on from last week’s article about not breaking the bank, I thought it would be interesting to look a range of pens and pencils that provide a great writing experience for not a lot of money. All of these pens and pencils cost under a tenner in proper (British) money. If you use that […]