Pencil picture, An Old Memory

An Old Memory

27 March 2021 By ian

I’ve always been drawn to water. Although there’s no pun intended with that statement, it’s true that I have fond childhood memories of sitting and drawing by the local river. Thinking about it now, I really ought to draw that river again.

These days I get to see the sea every morning when I open our front door and it fills my heart with joy every single day. Close by, there are two RSPB nature reserves and they are wonderful. There are the birds, of course, but there is also the water and there are the reeds, which, when the sun is low in the sky and shining through them, are just beautiful.

One the reserves, Radipole Lake, lies right in the heart of the town of Weymouth, formed by the River Wey and consisting of reeds, hedgerows and wetlands. It’s bordered by roads, houses and a retail park but once you’re there you could be miles from anywhere.

This drawing was taken from a photo I took in December last year. Drawing it took a long time but was a kind of meditation. I hope you get some of that feeling of calm when you look at it.

It’s this week’s picture of the week so is available at a special price in the store. I don’t have prints available at the moment but I might do in the future.