Aristo GeoCollege cap

Aristo GeoCollege Pigment Liner Drawing Pen Review

12 January 2016 By ian

Aristo GeoCollege review

Aristo in an Austrian company that’s been making drawing instruments since 1862.

Price: £2.20
Tip size options: 005, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08
Barrel options: black with different coloured tips, according to the tip size
Ink type: waterproof, lightfast pigment ink

Aristo GeoCollege uncapped

The GeoCollege Pigment Liner is a drawing pen with a fibre tip protected by a metal sleeve. It gives a good dark line, which is very consistent and dries extremely quickly.

Aristo GeoCollege tip and sleeve

The barrel is a fairly tasteful matt black with silver writing. Interestingly the name Aristo doesn’t appear anywhere. The ends of the barrel and cap are coloured according the the tip size, making it easy to pick the one you want. They’re orange for this 02 pen.

Aristo GeoCollege cap

The grip section is smooth and long enough to provide a comfortable grip. The clip is plastic and fairly strong but, as with all plastic clips, vulnerable to breaking. The cap pushes closed and pushes on to post. It posts securely. It’s a nice light pen, comfortable to hold.

Aristo GeoCollege resting on cap

This pen was a complete surprise. I’ve looked at quite a few different drawing pens over the years and had given up hope of finding anything even in the same league as the Pigma Micron, Multiliner or 308. The Aristo GeoCollege is not only right up there with them, it’s giving them a run for their money.

Aristo GeoCollege rapid drying


Consistent line
Very quick drying
Good black ink
Comfortable to hold



Aristo GeoCollege handwritten review

(Yes, it is waterproof. I poured water on the word and as you can see it’s fine.)