Wednesday Yearly 2014

31 December 2014 By ian

It’s the end of the first full year of Pens! Paper! Pencils! (I started it in the summer of 2013, which now seems so long ago.) During this last year, RSS subscriptions have quadrupled and visits have doubled. Which, although the starting point was quite low, is incredible.

Away from here I’m a very quiet person. Perhaps that’s why I mostly let the pictures do the talking on this site. It does my head in a little when I think about how many people come to have a look and how many friendships have grown from a silly little website about things to write with. Thank you so much, everyone. It means a lot to me to feel a part of something.

The busiest time was just recently when Brad Dowdy picked me for his Three Questions With… series. I got about a week’s worth of traffic in one weekend. The power of the the Pen Addict. Brad has always been a great supporter of everyone in this community (unless you are (not) making a pen of many colours). Azizah over at Gourmet Pens has also been a wonderful supporter. Her enthusiasm for everything and everyone is inspiring and infectious.

The most popular posts in this last year were the TWSBI Diamond 580, the Muji Fountain Pen and the Twiss Marmalade. Two of these are great pens. One is, in my opinion, a terrible pen, which led to the review being my most controversial of the year, too. (People love their Muji stuff – as do I, unless it’s the fountain pen.)

S. Jane Mills left the most comments. Thanks Jane!

People visited from 151 different countries. That’s pretty amazing!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to look at this corner of the internet. I hope I can continue to give you something worth a few moments of your precious time.

Here’s to a very inky 2015.