The Change

12 December 2013 By ian

Regular visitors (or *friends*, as I like to think of you) will have noticed that I’ve moved from Tumblr to WordPress. The Tumblr site is still there and will mirror what I post here. But I wanted to move this site onwards and upwards and couldn’t do that on Tumblr.

The biggest change is that you can now leave comments! So please don’t hold back. To celebrate this I shall be having a small (I do mean small, I am poor) giveaway very soon. To celebrate this I have an absolutely fantastic giveaway! The small one I was thinking about will happen sometime in the new year.

However, all has not gone smoothly. WordPress imported all my posts but none of my titles (because of how I’d set them in Tumblr) so I have to now work through 110 posts to sort this out. All the internal links are broken too. (Actually, if you have been kind enough to link to any individual posts, those links will now be broken, too. I’m sorry.) Pictures aren’t showing how I want them to either.

I’m going to work through all this as and when I have time. Thank you for your patience while I do this. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

(If you follow me on RSS then please update your feed URL.)