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Staedtler Triplus Roller, Fineliner and Color Pens

25 January 2016 By ian

Staedtler make just about every kind of pen and pencil in this Triplus range. The range is distinguished, unsurprisingly, by the triangular barrel. I’m taking a look at the Roller, Color and Fineliner pens. Thank you to Staedtler for sending me, a very lone time ago now, these pens to try out. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner […]

Staedtler Wopex and Noris Eco Not-quite Wooden Pencil Review

8 October 2015 By ian

The Wopex and Eco are, as far as I can tell, identical except for the finish. They are made from a wood-plastic composite and shout out their environmentally friendly credentials. What are they like? Price: Lead grade options: HB (Wopex and Eco), 2B (Wopex), 2H (Wopex) Barrel colours: green/black (Eco), silvery blue/green/red (HB/2H/2B respectively) plus […]

Staedtler Noris Pencil Review

13 August 2015 By ian

The Staedtler Noris is a wooden pencil available with an eraser in HB or without an eraser in grades from 2B to 2H. It costs a little under 60p. These pencils can be found absolutely everywhere in the UK. Along with the slightly more expensive Tradition they are available in many high street shops and […]

Staedtler Graphite 779 Mechanical Pencil Review

3 August 2015 By ian

Staedtler make some of my favourite drawing products. The Mars Technico 780c, the 925 25, the 308 Pigment Liner, Tradition and the Mars Lumograph pencil are all fantastic products and excellent value. Does the Graphite 779, a budget (about £4) mechanical pencil available in a few different colours (red, blue, black) and a couple of […]

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencil Review

11 June 2015 By ian

The Staedtler Mars Lumograph is a wooden pencil available in grades from 8B to 6H. They cost about £1 each but at the time of writing Cult Pens are selling a sketching kit with six pencils, a sharpener and an eraser for £4.50, which is half price. (Cult Pens are not sponsoring this post. I […]