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Sailor Hi-Ace Neo Fountain Pen Review

29 August 2016 By ian

Sailor are best known for their rather wonderful gold-nibbed pens but an increasing number of their more affordable steel-nibbed pens are becoming available outside Japan. The Hi-Ace Neo is about affordable as a fountain pen can get, coming in at under a tenner. Is it any good? I was able to get this pen at […]

Sailor 1911 Brush Pen Review

24 May 2016 By ian

A brush pen needs to have good flow and good line variation while maintaining a crisp line and allowing lots of control. How does the Sailor Brush Pen stack up? This version of this review was originally posted on the Pen Company’s blog. The Pen Company sent me this pen in return for that review. […]

Sailor Fude DE Mannen Fountain Pen Review

13 April 2015 By ian

The Sailor Fude DE Mannen is an interesting fountain pen that can be found for about $16 in the USA and about £7 in the UK if you do a little hunting. (Hint: Amazon.) It’s available in two versions, one green, one blue, each with a different nib. More on those nibs later. The name […]

Sailor Jentle Grenade ink review

22 July 2014 By ian

A lovely rich dark red. This ink dries reasonably quickly, don’t take any notice of the dry times on the review – the Noodler puts down ink like a firehose. This reminds me of food and drink. As most things do to be honest. Here I am doodling the Inkling. This is a gorgeous ink. […]

Sailor Jentle Apricot ink review

24 June 2014 By ian

Oh my goodness I love this ink. How can you be sad with an ink like this? You can’t be sad and that’s a fact. It lifts my soul and fills me with joy. Here I am doodling the Inkling. This ink dries quickly and has wonderful shading. The bottle contains a small reservoir that […]