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Noodler’s Nib Creaper Rollerball review

24 March 2014 By ian

Noodler’s Nib Creaper Rollerball is a piston filling rollerball. It holds a lot of ink – any ink you like, too. In terms of look and feel it is very Noodlerish. By which I mean rather retro, well-made, good value and basic but thoughtful. As far as I know it’s only available in this demonstrator […]

J. Herbin Black Metal Ink Rollerball Pen review

13 January 2014 By ian

The J. Herbin Black Metal Ink Rollerball Pen is a refillable rollerball pen for a very reasonable price. It’s rather small and impossible, for me, to comfortably use unposted. It has a good solid feel and heft to it though. The black matte finish is lovely, the chrome trim not so great – it looks […]

Pilot V7 Hi-Tecpoint rollerball pen review

16 December 2013 By ian

The Pilot V7 Hi-Tecpoint is a refillable rollerball pen, available in a 0.7 size, writing a 0.5mm line, and also a 0.5 size (the V5), and in red, blue, green and red. The black version is properly black, which, sadly, makes a nice change from the grey you so often get. There’s a nice ink […]

Schneider Xtra Document 0.3 rollerball pen review

1 September 2013 By ian

I don’t know why I like this pen as much as I do. It’s a rollerball, which is fine, but it’s not a very black black, which is not fine. More a dark grey than a black. Not black. The pen isn’t much of a looker, either. So why do I keep picking it up? […]