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Rohrer and Klingner Scabiosa ink review

10 June 2014 By ian

A purple ink, quite flat in tone but with some shading to lift it a little. Fast drying. This is an iron gall ink so don’t leave it sitting in a pen for more than a week or two. It does clean easily though. It’s archival quality so shouldn’t fade and stands up well to […]

Rohrer and Klingner Helianthus ink review

15 May 2014 By ian

I love this ink so much! I can’t get the photos to show just what a beautiful warm bright yellow this is. It truly is sunshine on a page. This ink makes me happy and that’s what it’s all about, right? It does have one strange property although, to be honest, it could be more […]

Rohrer and Klingner Verdigris ink review

25 March 2014 By ian

I love this ink. It shades well and it’s an absolutely delicious colour. It’s good value too. Here I am doodling the Inkling. Thank you to The Writing Desk for sending me this sample. If you would like to buy this ink direct from The Writing Desk look here.