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Sailor Jentle Grenade ink review

22 July 2014 By ian

A lovely rich dark red. This ink dries reasonably quickly, don’t take any notice of the dry times on the review – the Noodler puts down ink like a firehose. This reminds me of food and drink. As most things do to be honest. Here I am doodling the Inkling. This is a gorgeous ink. […]

Rohrer and Klingner Scabiosa ink review

10 June 2014 By ian

A purple ink, quite flat in tone but with some shading to lift it a little. Fast drying. This is an iron gall ink so don’t leave it sitting in a pen for more than a week or two. It does clean easily though. It’s archival quality so shouldn’t fade and stands up well to […]

Kaweco Summer Purple ink review

5 June 2014 By ian

Kaweco Summer Purple is a kind of purple-black colour. It has some nice shading, good quick dry times and flows well. Here I am doodling the Inkling. Actually it’s more about me trying to work out what to do, it was a tough one. This ink was sent to me for free by Kaweco, for […]