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Faber-Castell e-motion fountain pen review

9 December 2013 By ian

Until I spent rather a lot of money on a Platinum #3776 Sai, this was my favourite pen. It is wonderful in so many ways. I love the shape. It doesn’t look as if you ought to be able to write with it for more than a few minutes but it’s actually very comfortable to […]

Waterman Translucent Eye-Dropper Conversion

7 December 2013 By ian

Have a look at the photo at the top. How much would you pay for a pen like that? The nib is really quite nice and, how can I put it, quite robust too. How does 7 Euros sound? That’s right! I’ve actually written about this pen before but yesterday it dawned on me, as […]

Platignum Vibe fountain pen review

2 December 2013 By ian

This is a very cheap pen. I bought this from Cult Pens for eight fine British pounds and it came with a matching ballpoint, too. I hear some people like ballpoints. A cheap pen doesn’t mean a good value pen unless it writes well and is fun to use. Fortunately the Platignum Vibe wins on […]

Lamy pur 47 fountain pen review

25 November 2013 By ian

The Lamy pur 47 would be a great pen but for a fatal flaw. The design is very Lamy indeed: minimal brushed metal abounding with high quality clicky sounds when uncapping, posting and capping again. The nib is the standard Lamy nib which means it’s good quality and interchangeable with any other Lamy pens you […]

Inked on 21 November 2013

21 November 2013 By ian

Some lovely pens and inks at the moment! Platinum #3776 Sai F, Organics Studio Cobalt Blue A. G. Spalding Maple Wood M, J. Herbin Vert Empire Pilot Prera F, Diamine Eau de Nil Platignum Vibe M, Diamine Asa Blue Faber-Castell e-motion, Caran d’Ache Blue Night Faber-Castell Ambition M, Diamine Midnight Kaweco Classic Sport EF, Diamine […]