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Da Vinci stone paper & Kickstarter campaign

7 April 2014 By ian

The Da Vinci Notebook is a Kickstarter campaign that finishes on Thursday 24 April 2014. As I write this it has reached more than twice its funding goal. Da Vinci Notebooks use bleach free and wood free paper. In fact the paper is made in an environmentally friendly way using stone. Nick Romer, the Da […]

Rhodia No. 16 Block Notepad review

7 January 2014 By ian

Rhodia is pretty much standard issue for anyone who takes an interest in fountain pens. In fact, since I wrote this review and queued it up, Gourmet Pens and A Fool With A Pen both published much better reviews of the same paper. So much better, in fact, that I was going to pull this […]