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Organics Studio Nickel Teal ink review

29 April 2014 By ian

This is a very subtle and delicate pale turquoise-y ink. It may get lost with a fine nib but it is beautiful with something broader. It has good shading and is very pretty. Here I am doodling the Inkling. I misspelled ‘nickel’ because I am an idiot. Organics Studio inks are lovely inks and good […]

Organics Studio Cobalt Blue ink review

21 January 2014 By ian

This is an interesting blue ink. The packaging is nice. A simple cardboard box containing a meaningful plastic bottle, plainly branded. I like it. The ink itself is a good dark blue that I haven’t quite seen anywhere else. It’s a watery ink with some shading. I like it a lot. Here’s a video of […]

Organics Studio Copper Turquoise ink review

8 December 2013 By ian

Organics Studio have great branding and make lovely inks. This is a turquoise with character. It’s fairly quick drying, is a great colour and has some decent shading going on too. It’s going to get quite frequent use, I suspect. Monsieur notebook, Rotring Esprit medium nib