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Lamy Vista Rollerball pen review

3 November 2014 By ian

The Lamy Vista rollerball is a refillable pen that’s available with a medium tip with black, blue, red or green ink. It costs around £10 ($15) in the UK. The Lamy Vista is the same classic shape as the Lamy Safari only made with clear instead of coloured plastic. It’s very well made, as is […]

Lamy pur 47 fountain pen review

25 November 2013 By ian

The Lamy pur 47 would be a great pen but for a fatal flaw. The design is very Lamy indeed: minimal brushed metal abounding with high quality clicky sounds when uncapping, posting and capping again. The nib is the standard Lamy nib which means it’s good quality and interchangeable with any other Lamy pens you […]