Diamine Autumn Oak ink review

Diamine Autumn Oak Ink Review

Diamine Autumn Oak is a lovely brown ink that shades beautifully and really does make you think of autumn leaves. I keep getting the name confused with Ancient Copper, as you see. Here I am doodling the Inkling. You can find some more reviews of Diamine Autumn Oak on Pennaquod.

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Diamine Umber ink review

Diamine Umber Ink Review

Diamine Umber is a fairly flat dark green with minimal shading. It’s an example of how my tastes in ink have changed over the last couple of years. It used to be one of my favourite inks but now it just seems a little boring. Here I am doodling the[…]

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Diamine Pumpkin ink review

Diamine Pumpkin Ink Review

A beautiful rich reddish orange ink from Diamine. Lots of shading, lots of loveliness. Because it’s very free flowing, a wet nib puts down a lot of ink and so leads to long dry times. It dries quickly under other circumstances. Here I am doodling the Inkling.

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Diamine Onyx Black ink review

Diamine Onyx Black Ink Review

Diamine Onyx Black is a good dark black ink. It’s the darkest of Diamine’s blacks and is quite a neutral colour, just as a real black should be. It’s a good wet ink but quite slow to dry. There’s some interesting sheen when the ink pools but that isn’t noticeable[…]

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