Pentel Brush Pen Review

I find a brush pen a very useful part of my sketching setup. A few little touches here and there, after drawing the picture in ink, can really give a sketch some depth. I’m looking for several attributes in a brush pen. It needs to have good dark ink that[…]

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Sailor 1911 Brush Pen clip

Sailor 1911 Brush Pen Review

A brush pen needs to have good flow and good line variation while maintaining a crisp line and allowing lots of control. How does the Sailor Brush Pen stack up? This version of this review was originally posted on the Pen Company’s blog. The Pen Company sent me this pen[…]

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Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen Review

I’ve been slowly building up my collection of Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens for a few years but I have to admit it wasn’t until quite recently that how to use them properly really clicked. They’re a combination of felt-tip pens and watercolour paints but require a different approach to[…]

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Platinum Fude Brush review

Platinum Fude Brush Pen Review

I’ve been enjoying dipping my toes into the world of refillable brush pens. I’m a long way from ever being able to use them to write with but they’re so much fun for drawing. You can get lovely little sketches done in just a few moments. It was therefore either[…]

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