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Diamine Kensington Blue ink review

24 September 2013 By ian

Continuing in my quest to own and review every blue ink that Diamine do (27, not including the two in the sadly out-of-my-price-range Music Set and not including inks like Teal which are somewhere between blue and green), here is Kensington Blue. Kensington Blue is lovely lovely lovely. It’s a kind of matt blue, I […]

Diamine Midnight ink review

17 September 2013 By ian

My favourite ink. I love dark blue inks but I don’t like too much black in them. Some people might say that’s typically awkward of me but I would say it shows my sophisticated good taste. Anyway, this ink gets it just right. Also, it is extremely well behaved.

Diamine Presidential Blue ink review

4 September 2013 By ian

This is a very lovely blue. It feathered ever so slightly on this paper but not so as you’d notice unless you were doing a combined ink and notebook review. Lamy pur 47 with 1.1 italic nib; Monsieur notebook; terrible handwriting