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Tactile Turn Mover pen review

7 July 2014 By ian

The Tactile Turn Mover is an aluminium pen made by Will Hodges. It was a Kickstarter project originally but it’s now available directly from the Tactile Turn website. It comes with a Pilot 0.38mm G2 refill but will take a large range of alternatives including my current favourite, the Pilot Juice. The refill is replaced […]

Retro 51 Tornado Touch Ballpoint review and giveaway

12 May 2014 By ian

Retro 51 are well known for making wonderful full-sized rollerball pens. This pen, the Retro 51 Tornado Touch, is a relatively new product and it continues the same excellent quality, albeit with a ballpoint refill. The design of the pen is stylish, even to the point of just about getting away with the little moustache […]

Faber-Castell Grip 2011 Ballpoint pen review

7 April 2014 By ian

I am not the best person to review ballpoints, I must admit. They have their place, I know, but they will never, for me, be as good to use as any other kind of pen. Having said that, thanks to Pure Pens I have one of these Faber-Castell Grip 2011 Ballpoints so I felt I […]

Zebra PenPod ballpoint pen review

24 February 2014 By ian

I don’t tend to review ballpoint pens here because I don’t like them very much. As such, I feel it’s better to leave their reviews to people who can appreciate them more. I wanted to review the Zebra PenPod though because it is a groovy little pen. I received this as a freebie, as part […]

Monteverde Poquito pocket pen review

27 January 2014 By ian

The Monteverde is a great little pocket pen. And by little, I really do mean little. It’s a small pen. This makes it an excellent pocket pen. It’s a shame it’s got a clip because if I put a pen in my pocket then it rattles around in there and I’d rather there wasn’t a […]