SPONSOR: Back Pocket Notebooks

18 June 2016 By ian

I’m really happy to be welcoming a new sponsor to Pens! Paper! Pencils! this month: Back Pocket Notebooks. They’re an exciting new UK company that produce some very interesting notebooks.

The most exciting thing I remember from my childhood school days was the week leading up to starting a brand new school year. Summer had been fun but after 6 weeks of non stop playing I was excited to be going back to school to make new friends and learn new things.

That last week involved getting a new uniform, buying new shoes, a new back pack (if you were lucky), the latest lunchbox and of course the best bit…. the stationary isle. Lead pencils, erasers, rulers, coloring pencils, a new pencil case with those cut out letters, and a set of new school books.

Blank school books in packs of three. The blue notebooks were ruled and were for English and Social Studies classes, and the green notebooks had a grid and were for Maths and Science. The Math books were even more special though. On the inside covers they contained a series of basic mathematics formula and rules. They showed the degree’s of a triangle, Pythagoras theorem, the conversion of imperial to metric, Meters to centimeters to millimeters. There were equations to work out volumes for cubes/cylinders/pyramids, how to determine the radius and circumference of a circle as well as the area. A set of base rules and information that instilled me with the desire to use them through out the blank grid book.

I loved those notebooks.

At Back Pocket Notebooks we want to give you that feeling of childhood excitement back again. We want you to be excited when you get your set of notebooks and inspired when you open up to learn more from the inside covers. We want the notebooks to sit in your back pocket wherever you go and be there to capture your inspiration whenever it arises.

We started with a set of 3 Responsive Web Design Notebooks and a set of 3 SpaceX Mars Travel Notebooks, and will be expanding the range over the next few months. In the works are a set of Solar System notebooks that will be available at the end of summer and we are putting the final design changes to our Guitar set (electric, acoustic, and Uke) and a Sports set (Soccer, Rugby, and Cricket).

We hope you love our notebooks just as much as we do creating them.