Shameless Self-Promotion

6 May 2015 By ian

I write this site because I want to. I like having a corner of the web that is mine and I have an overwhelming need, for some reason, to share my enthusiasm for the things I love. It takes a lot of time but it gives me a lot of pleasure, in and of itself.

What I’m saying is, I do this for the fun of it.

However, if you like what happens here at Pens! Paper! Pencils! and would you to show some love, here are six ways in which you can. Feel free to do any, all, or none of them (apart from number six, please keep doing that).

1. Tell someone about it

The more people who visit the better! I have to be honest, I wouldn’t spend as much time on this if no-one ever look at it.

2. Leave a comment on an article

Most of you have more knowledge, are more intelligent and, dare I say it, are much better looking than me. It’s great to hear what you have to say.

3. Follow me on Twitter

You can follow me here (@ian_hedley). I tweet mostly about pens, occasionally about education, and I enjoy a good conversation about either of those things.

4. Follow me on Instagram

I’m banana_moon on Instagram. It’s mostly pictures of my drawings progressing plus, of course, pens.

5. Buy a print or two

I’ve got lots of prints available over on Redbubble. I don’t make much from them (Redbubble gets most of the money) but anything I do get goes towards pens and inks to review here.

6. Keep coming back

Honestly, I don’t mind if you don’t do anything other than just keeping coming back.

Thank you for the time you spend here and for your support!