Rotring Tikky Graphic Drawing Pen Review

Rotring Tikky Graphic review

The Tikky Graphic is Rotring’s budget drawing pen. It comes in a range of tip sizes and has lightfast waterproof ink.

Price: £2.70
Tip size options: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08
Barrel options: brown
Ink type: black pigmented ink

Rotring Tikky Graphic tips

The plastic tip is held in a metal sleeve at the end of a clear grip section. This section gives you an idea about when the ink is close to running out. The barrel is brown, which makes a change from black or grey, and is set off with the eponymous red ring.

Rotring Tikky Graphic ink window

The pen is comfortable in the hand, posts well and has a reasonable metal clip.

Rotring Tikky Graphic capped

The Tikky Graphic is a wet pen. The 08, in particular, is quite gloopy. Whilst good for filling in large areas, the wetness leads to a certain lack of control with all the tip sizes and also means the ink is a little slower to dry than many drawing pens. It’s just about dry in 5 seconds (02 tip) but it does leave you a little vulnerable to smudging. Once dry, though, it’s completely waterproof. The amount of ink put down isn’t always consistent, meaning black areas can appear a little variable and lines can vary slightly in width.

Rotring Tikky Graphic uncapped

This isn’t a bad pen but I prefer a slightly drier line and the extra control this gives. I also want a more consistent line. The Sakura Pigma Micron, Aristo GeoCollege and the Staedtler 308 are all better pens which cost a little less.


Reasonable price
Ink window


Inconsistent line
Prone to smudging

Rotring Tikky Graphic handwritten review
The word ‘waterproof’ was soaked with water, with no ill effects.


  1. I always liked the look of these, because of their resemblance to Rotring’s technical drawing pens (I coveted a set of those (Isograph?) but they were very expensive).

    1. Oh I’ve got my eye on one of those! But as you say they are expensive and also high maintenance. Like my children.

      1. Ha!

        And sadly, technical pens aren’t as nice to draw with as a good fineliner! I got my old Marsmatics (.5, .75) out in a fit of nostalgia last year, and they were so scratchy, compared even to the relatively firm Uni-Pin range, that I cleaned them and put them back in a drawer again 🙂

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