Reasons to Write Part Four

12 September 2013 By ian

I’m always looking for excuses to use my pens. What excuses have I found?

Excuse four (of five)

Write anything at all!

This sounds obvious but here’s what I did: I bought a nice notebook (a Rhodia A5 Webnotebook, lined, since you ask) and I gave myself the target of writing at least a side in it every day. (Actually I started with an aim of writing three sides but that was too ambitious.)

I don’t worry about what. Mostly it’s what I’ve done or am hoping to do. Often I write about pens (quite meta). Sometimes I write about the weather because I’m British. It can be anything.

I’ve tried and failed many times to keep a journal. It always became a chore. By making it so it can be about anything, it’s a treat. I look forward to my time writing. And I’ve ended up with what looks suspiciously like a journal after all.