Pocket Notebook Selection Giveaway

Pocket Notebook giveaway

There are a lot of companies making notebooks at the moment and most of them, I have to say, are really very good. However, most are sold in packs of three which means if you want to try out different brands you soon spend a lot of money and acquire a lot of notebooks.

Therefore I’m giving one lucky reader a chance to win twenty pocket notebooks made by twelve different companies. A few are limited editions are hard to get now. All are good quality.

You can win one of each of these notebooks:

Field Notes Cherry Wood, Baron Fig Apprentice (not pictured), three Word. notebooks with different cover designs, Nib London (A7 size), Calepino plain, lined and grid, Petit Punnet, Write Notepads Lenore (limited edition), Story Supply Co, Field Notes Snowblind (limited edition), Hobonichi Tomoe River, Forest Choice, Pen Addict Podcast Kickstarter (limited edition), Field Notes Kraft, Midori, Whitelines.

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You can enter via Rafflecopter and have until 6 August 2016. This is open internationally and the winner will be picked randomly using Rafflecopter. Good luck!

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  1. So many beautiful notebooks! It would be like a game, appointing each one to its new purpose!!
    Winner of most practical yet most delightful would go to work for cases! πŸ™‚

  2. I’d use them for the usual pocket notebook stuff. Lists, jotting down ideas, etc. Always good to have on hand.

  3. Oh man, I really should step away from the computer and not enter, but they are too “pretty” not to. What would I use them for? Probably easier to say what I wouldn’t use them for!

  4. Thanks for the generous giveaway! I always have 2 pocket notebooks with me when I go out. One as a mini on the go planner and the other for jotting notes while out

  5. Thank you for the giveaway! What would I use the notebooks for? Just about everything! There’s enough there to always have a few with me for notes on the go, and to share a few win friends as well.

  6. Nothing like starting to write in a fresh brand new notebook! And I’m fresh out of lovely notebooks so fab timing….

  7. Wonderful giveaway. Would divide them amongst myself and my daughter. We both are avid travellers and food enthusiast and would love to take our notes in them. Thank you

  8. Oh man! This looks absolutely delightful!

    Personally, I’d use the notebooks for various things like jotting down reminders, lists, and journaling!

  9. I am amazed and pleased at the range of notebooks of good and even great quality that have become available over the past few years.

  10. Thanks for this giveaway ! I am trying to keep the habit of using a bullet journal and having it with all the time. These are the perfect size for this task !

  11. I admit my favorite use for the pocket notebooks is splitting up notes and brainstorming on different projects, personal and work related. The easy, compact size means I can switch them in and out based on what I’m working on, and I can keep different ones at different places. (For example, a recipe/grocery list one rides in my purse, while one to track behavioral data lives in my work bag.)

  12. Let’s see. On receiving these lovelies, my kids will grab the pretty ones. So that’s 5 gone (one each). The rest I will divide into fp friendly ones – which I doodle in with my fountain pens, and non fp friendly, which will go on the fridge for the grocery lists.

  13. Thank you for this lovely giveaway! It would be great to try these. I use pocket notebooks for lists and prayers.

  14. I carry a pocket notebook for use each day in planning & thought capture. I fill about one a month. I use other notebooks on an ad hoc basis for various projects or the like. I have never personally seen most of the notebooks you are offering. Thanks for the chance.

  15. I know the feeling Ian, thanks for the chance to share the paper! I’m a constant list maker for projects and I end up with alot of pocket notebooks. This will help my bank account!

  16. Notebooks for shopping lists, meal planning, note taking for TV history programmes. Birdwatching, work notes and just scribbling. So many notebooks, so many uses.

  17. I would start making more lists for grocery shopping and for planning busy days with pen and paper, instead of putting so much on my phone. The notebooks would allow me to better organize notes from various committees I serve on.

  18. I’m currently writing my thesis, and I would like to use these notebooks to outline different chapters, take quick notes on articles and books, but also to continue my gratitude journals, which get me through a lot of hard times.

  19. I love journaling, so I would use them these notebooks pretty much everywhere, so I’ll always have a journal handy.

  20. I use pocket notebooks for journaling. Much less intimidating then those deluxe journals. I also use them to capture things I need to do and things I want to remember. Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. Keep track of life and new discoveriea with a pocket notebook always at hand. Which one is the perfect fit…

  22. My chosen notebook size is pocket, so this is awesome! I use them for all sorts of purposes, the primary one being journaling. I also have a blog planner, book of lists, expense tracker, ink journal, and various kinds of journaling. I really love this size!

  23. Wow! What a giveaway! I am a big list maker, so I would use them for that. I also do a lot of fiction and poetry writing, so you always need a book for that.

  24. OMG I have such a notebook fetish, I’d love to win this! Dream journal, poetry, a book full of love letters to mail to my boyfriend, personal notes, tracking workouts, budgeting, a few for my little nephew who loves to write stories… they’ll be used for everything, haha

  25. Wow! That’s so many notebooks!

    As for how I’d use some new pocket notebooks, I’d use them to jot quick notes down during my clinical rotations and time spent volunteering during medical school. It isn’t really realistic to carry around anything bigger, and they’d be perfect for writing down the various tidbits you pick up.

  26. I think the main thing I would use these notebooks for is for leads and thoughts while I drive and travel away from my desk. It is always good to have a small notebook on hand for thoughts and ideas and notes from converstaions.

  27. Wow! I don’t normally get excited about notebook giveaways, but because of the variety, this one is unmissable. I use notebooks to copy down quotes I like, or draw motifs I want to use when I see something interesting.

  28. What a great giveaway! I would use them for my foreign language notes and list-making πŸ™‚

  29. What would I use the notebooks for?… well, I think thee might be a gift or two in there – but mostly, I hope they will help me tame aspects of my job/vocation – Lecturing.

  30. Very generous! I’d use them for an unsightly collision of the practical (to-do, planning) and impractical but essential (sketches, designs, mad ideas)

  31. Keep them in my back pocket and use for ubiquitous capture. Like something my wife asks me to do and don’t want to forget!

  32. What a cool idea! I love having a little notebook on my work desk I can scratch down thoughts on, but there are so many to choose between it can be hard to decide what to try!

  33. Hate to be all boring and me, too, but I’d probably incorporate these NBs into my bullet journaling. I know, I know: who isn’t bullet journaling, amiright? At least I am not doing a pilates or yoga class (but I am vegetarian!)…

  34. I made my own wallet around this notebook form factor, and I use it for shopping lists, quick sketches, and playing pen-and-paper games!

  35. I quite often use one notebook for reminders and lists, a separate one for more permanent things (like lists of sites to visit), and thoughts related to work, and then I keep a separate personal book with thoughts and observations.

  36. I’m a teacher and I use pocket notebooks to brainstorm, plan, assess students and more. These would keep me going for a while. What a generous giveaway!

  37. Thanks for the giveaway. Never used any of these notebooks – keep looking at all the choices and never manage to reach a decision. Would use it as a journal for my trip to Iceland.

  38. Oh whoaw, all those notebooks! I would use them for keeping track of to-do’s and all kind of projects (diy, artistic projects, …)

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