Noodler’s Lexington Gray ink review

Noodlers Lexington Gray ink review

This is a great neutral grey/gray. It’s very wet but dries in a reasonable time.

This is part of Noodler’s waterproof range.

Noodlers Lexington Gray water test

Thank you to Pure Pens for sending me this ink to review and to keep. Pure Pens are Europe’s only supplier of Noodler’s inks. You can buy Lexington Gray direct from Pure Pens here.

Noodlers Lexington Gray Inkling


  1. I believe this is one of Noodler’s “bullet proof” inks. Did you test how it behaved with Field Notes or Doane Paper notebooks?

    1. I don’t have either to hand as I find Calepino notebooks handle fountain pen ink much better. I’ve tried it on similar paper and it isn’t too bad. There’s some feathering and a touch of bleed-through but it’s not significantly worse than most other inks. You could probably get away with it, particularly if you used a fairly dry and fine nib.

  2. However poor Linda was not aware of a side effect of the vast quantity of beans she’d consumed…Lexington Grey went everywhere

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