Midweek Musings

11 February 2015 By ian

The Wednesday Weekly post has been the most difficult one to keep up with as it’s the only post of the week that has to be written to a schedule. I wanted to keep it going because a link post is a way of showing appreciation for the interesting things that other people write. I realised recently though that more people follow links to articles I tweet about. As that’s a more effective way of promoting other people’s good work, that’s what I’ll do in the future.

I intend to replace the Wednesday Weekly with a whatever-I-feel-like post. What I love about pens, pencils and ink is not just what they are but what you can do with them. That’s why my Friday picture is so important to me and why my ink reviews aren’t so much reviews as a celebration of colour. But because I have to stick to a schedule, because that’s how I keep myself sane (relative to what I could be like), there hasn’t been much space here for me to expand beyond reviews. I can change that now.