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Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen review

26 August 2013 By ian

The Kaweco Classic Sport is the pen I keep in my pocket. This in one pocket, a Pilot Colelo Lumio in the other. It is the perfect pocket fountain pen. The lid screws on so it doesn’t come off unless you want it to. with the lid on the pen is very small. Pocketable, even. […]

Waterman Translucent fountain pen review

19 August 2013 By ian

I picked this pen up for under 7 Euros in a French supermarket. A Waterman fountain pen for that price? Yes please! It turns out that it has a good fine nib, is comfortable to hold and use and feels like it should have cost several times as much. I wish I’d filled my trolley […]

Bamboo pens

14 August 2013 By ian

Bamboo pens from EmmyLousEmporium on Etsy. Emmy-Lou Porter cuts them from her garden. You can’t get much more back to basics than these pens. They take some getting used to and I haven’t managed to write anything legible in them yet but they see to me well suited to drawing our cats.