The Power of a Handwritten Letter

9 October 2014 By ian

This week saw the funeral of a former colleague of mine. He was wise, thoughtful and caring and it’s terribly sad he wasn’t able to enjoy a long and rich retirement.

His work as an advisor for the Local Authority meant we didn’t have day to day contact but one thing he did I will never forget. After one of our Ofsted inspections, he took the time to write to me. We usually get emails from different people after an inspection and they’re always nice to get but Stephen took the time to write a letter. A proper letter, written out by hand, put into an envelope and posted. It meant so much to me that he’d done that.

I don’t have the emails people sent but I still have that letter. I’m sure I’m not the only one. It was just one of the ways he touched the people he knew.