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Namisu Nova Studio Matte Ebonite Fountain Pen Review

30 January 2017 By ian

Namisu’s Nova Studio Matte Ebonite is the upmarket version of their very excellent Nova Aluminium. It’s the same size and shape but made, unsurprisingly, from ebonite and titanium rather than aluminium. Namisu loaned this pen to United Inkdom for review purposes and this review will form part of a meta-review once it’s done the rounds. […]

Namisu Nova Fountain Pen Review

20 June 2016 By ian

The Namisu Nova was born of a successful Kickstarter and is now available to buy. Namisu are a British company and that, sadly, is rare when it comes to fountain pens, so I’ve been particularly interested in seeing what they’re doing. The Nova is Namisu’s second pen. It’s available with several barrel and nib options. […]