InCoWriMo: Let me send you a letter!

18 January 2014 By ian

February is International Correspondence Writing Month, more commonly known as InCoWriMo, because we can’t seem to do anything without shortening it these days. (Also, get off my lawn.) (GeOMLaw.)

Anyway, if that hasn’t put you off, this seems to me to be an excellent excuse to use some pens. It is, in fact, a lovely idea.

If you would like me to write you a letter then please use the form below to send me your address. You don’t need to write back although of course it would be lovely if you did.

(I don’t want to give my address out here because I can’t afford a PO Box and the nature of my job means I have to be careful about publicly broadcasting my home address. But I will put my address on all the letters I send.)

I’ll send the letters out in the order I receive your addresses throughout February and beyond if I get lots.

Looking forward to hearing from you and writing to you!

Please use this form:
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