Review Items

I’m always happy to receive items to review. If you are interested in sending me something please read this page carefully before you do.

I write honest reviews after using a product for long enough to get to know it. I do try to look for the positive because that’s the kind of person I am but if I don’t like something I’ll say. Please don’t sent me anything if you’re not prepared for a critical review or if you’re not prepared to wait while I get to know it.

I can’t promise a timely review, even taking the above into account. I have a lot of items I want to write about.

I live in the UK. If you are not based in the European Union then this means slow and expensive international shipping and customs charges. If you are sending me an item I can keep then I don’t mind picking up the customs charge. If you want the item returning then you will need to cover any customs charge and the return shipping.

This is not a news site. If you tell me about something you’re doing then I might mention it on Twitter but it won’t appear here unless you send me a sample to review. That doesn’t mean I don’t like hearing about what you’re up to! Occasionally if it’s something really exciting then an interview might be an option.

If, having read this, you’re still interested in sending me a review item then thank you! Please do get in touch.