Diamine Night Sky shimmer

Diamine Night Sky Ink Review

This is one of Diamine’s shimmery inks and it’s quite a tasteful one (unlike some). The silver sparkles nicely against the black and it really does feel like a crisp winter’s night sky. Here I am doodling the Inkling. You’re not going to get the best out of this ink[…]

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Diamine Passion Red ink review

Diamine Passion Red Ink Review

I bought this ink a long time ago, tried it, and didn’t like it. Just recently I decided to give it another go and now I think it’s lovely. I think, in part, this is because this ink is best in a broader nib and I was mostly using fine[…]

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Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi ink review

Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi Ink Review

Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi is a great black, flat and neutral in tone, like a lump of coal. It’s not as black as, say, Aurora Black but it’s not far off. I really like this one. Here I am doodling the Inkling. You can find some more reviews of Pilot Iroshizuku[…]

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Diamine Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue ink review

Diamine Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue Ink Review

A lovely dark blue (the clue is in the name) with just a touch of red if it pools. Not a lot of shading but good flow and good dry times. Here I am doodling the Inkling. Thank you very much to Cult Pens for sending me this ink in[…]

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