Midori Traveler's notebook closed

An Introduction to the Midori Traveler’s Notebook (part one)

The Midori Traveler’s Notebook is legendary but, to me at least, quite intimidating. It’s quite pricy to get into and there is an overwhelming number of options. I’ve spent quite a long time looking at it all from afar, not quite knowing where to begin. Then a month or so[…]

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Nock Co Brasstown review

Nock Co Brasstown pen case review

The Brasstown is a pen case zip roll pen case from Nock Co. It’s made from waterproofed nylon and costs $35. There are six different colour options: orange/orange, orange/blue, navy blue/grey, navy blue/blue, grey/orange and grey/blue. Clearly orange/orange, or to give its official name, mandarin/mango, is the only completely acceptable[…]

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Pen Friend pen holder review

Pen Friend pen holder: review and giveaway

The Pen Friend is a wooden magnetised pen holder, so you can keep a pen handy on your fridge. It was a little Kickstarter project that delivered on time. They are now for sale on David Jonah Design’s website for £6 (about $9). They’re available in maple, walnut, yew or[…]

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Nock Co Sassafras pen case label

Nock Co Sassafras pen case review

I was very excited when Brad Dowdy announced he would be going into business with Jeffery Bruckwicki to manufacture handmade pen cases. I knew they would be great and I backed the Kickstarter project immediately. Just recently Brad and Jeffery opened their online store and so I thought the time[…]

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Kokuyo NeoCritz Transformer pencil case ready to go

Kokuyo NeoCritz Transformer pencil case review

When I first saw the name of this I got entirely the wrong idea about what Transformer meant. I had visions of robots and terrible sequels and never being able to get the toys back the way they were. Fortunately I eventually worked out that these were something different. The[…]

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