Visconti Rembrandt Fountain Pen Review

The Rembrandt is the closest Visconti get to producing an entry level pen. It’s only that in comparison to the rest of their range. Most of us will never own one of their higher range pens but is the Rembrandt a way of experiencing the Visconti magic without having to[…]

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Sailor Hi-Ace Neo Fountain Pen Review

Sailor are best known for their rather wonderful gold-nibbed pens but an increasing number of their more affordable steel-nibbed pens are becoming available outside Japan. The Hi-Ace Neo is about affordable as a fountain pen can get, coming in at under a tenner. Is it any good? I was able[…]

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Franklin-Christoph M03 featured

Franklin-Christoph Model 03 Iterum Fountain Pen Review

Franklin-Christoph’s Model 03 Iterum is a classically shaped fountain pen that’s available in a couple of different acrylics and with a staggering 22 different nib options. It usually has a clip but my version is a rare clipless version that I bought used. Price: $165 Nib options: there are lots[…]

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Kaweco Elegance cap

Kaweco Elegance Fountain Pen Review

The Elegance is a long slim aluminium pen. Kaweco’s metal pens tend to be pretty good, so how does this one stack up? I was loaned this item by Kaweco for the purposes of review. I have since returned it. No money exchanged hands and these are my own honest[…]

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Twiss Green Lizard Fountain Pen Review

The Green Lizard is handmade by John Twiss here in the UK. It’s been made especially for United Inkdom and once we’ve all reviewed it we’ll be giving it away! This is a very special pen, for reasons that will soon become clear. The pen comes with three JoWo steel[…]

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