Karas Kustoms Decograph Fountain Pen Review

Karas Kustoms are best known for their machined metal pens, several of which I’ve reviewed. These pens are consistently excellent. The Decograph is different in that it’s made from thermoplastic rather than metal. It’s part of Karas Kustom’s signature pen line of limited edition pens. Price: $165 Filling method: standard[…]

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Marlen Aleph Fountain Pen Review

Marlen is an Italian company that makes a range of reasonably priced fountain pens. The Aleph is at the more expensive end of their range and is the result of a collaboration with the Italian language fountain pen wiki fountainpen.it. This pen was loaned to me by the original purchaser,[…]

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Applied Pens Streamline Fountain Pen Review

Jake Lazzari is a designer based in the UK who makes some very interesting looking pens under the Applied Pens brand. Every part of the Streamline except the nib and converter is made by hand by Jake. The results are striking. Price: £135 Nib options: steel extra-fine, fine, medium or[…]

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Metaxas Stylos Color featured

Metaxas Stylos Color Fountain Pen Review

The Stylos Color is a pen I backed on Kickstarter, designed by a gentleman called Kostas Metaxas. Although, as far as I can tell, it isn’t available to buy anywhere, Kostas has just finished his fourth Kickstarter campaign on a variation of this pen (all but the first one being[…]

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Visconti Van Gogh featured

Visconti Van Gogh Fountain Pen Review

Grail pen is a term that’s used a lot in our neck of the woods: a pen that isn’t easily obtainable due to either cost or scarcity. The Visconti Van Gogh was my grail pen from quite early on in my pen obsession. I loved how it looked and I[…]

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