Gravestone (sketch)

Here’s a quick little sketch I did during a quiet few moments back in August. The sketch isn’t great but the pens I used to draw it with are fantastic! A Kaweco Brass Sport with Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same and an Ateleia Brass Pen with a Pilot Hi-Tec-C refill.

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Biggie (sketch)

You might have noticed that I’ve started to sell custom portraits of pets, in pencil for now (but I’m working on building up a portfolio of ink pet portraits too). This is Biggie, a French bulldog full of character, and the first pet to be drawn as part of my[…]

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Beach Parasols (sketch)

Although our Italian holiday turned out to be not much of a holiday at all, we did get to the beach a few times. The most striking thing about where we went were the bright orange parasols standing out against the cloudless blue sky. This was a quick sketch using[…]

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Italian horizon featured

Italian Horizon (sketch)

Julia and I arrived in Italy on Monday 22nd August. At 3.30am on the following night we woke up to what a huge roaring sound, the room shaking wildly and plaster falling on our heads. We were lucky, it scared us and put an end to the relaxing time we’d[…]

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