e+m Workman Long Clutch Pencil review

30 December 2013 By ian

e+m workman long clutch pencil with sketch

e+m is a German company which began in 1899 making nib holders. They were forced to move away from pen products following the ravages of Word War 2. In 1983 the family-owned company once again started making wooden writing instruments and now produce a range of clutch pencils, ballpoints and accessories.

e+m workman long clutch pencil lead holder

The e+m Workman Long Clutch Pencil is, funnily enough, a long (14cm) clutch pencil. It takes 5.6mm leads which whilst not the most common size are available in a wide variety of grades and types.

The basic function of a clutch pencil, to hold the lead, is performed very well by the Workman, by which I mean, it holds the lead firmly. The nock has a good feel to it: firm but not to stiff as to be difficult to use. The pencil itself has a good weight to it and the longer size suits my big hands. (It’s a available in a not-long version for those with sensibly sized hands.) It feels like a big chunky crayon. With class.

This pencil looks beautiful. It’s made of beech and this one is the natural finish. It can be bought in a black or mahogany stain but it’s beautiful as it is.

e+m workman long clutch pencil nock

The e+m Workman Long Clutch Pencil could be left on a desk simply to draw admiring glances. It’s a beautiful object. But it’s practical too and it’s surprisingly inexpensive.

e+m workman long clutch pencil review

(This drawing of Corfe Castle was made with this same pencil.)

e+m workman long clutch pencil portrait

This was a very quick sketch from a photo. (This pencil is excellent for making very quick sketches.) It’s a section of the Jurassic Coast, which is a World Heritage Site on the English south coast. This was looking towards West Bay in Dorset. It’s an absolutely beautiful part of the world.