Driftwood sketch and a Palomino Blackwing pencil giveaway

Driftwood sketch

Palomino’s Blackwing pencils are a wonderful trio.

Blackwing pencils side by side

The Blackwing is soft and dark and beautiful for sketching. The above sketch was drawn with one, as was this boat. I reviewed it here.

The Blackwing 602 is the classic and is the hardest of the three, perfect for writing with but also a dab hand at sketching. I reviewed it here.

The Blackwing Pearl looks beautiful (although to be honest, they all do). It’s harder than the Blackwing and softer than the Blackwing 602 and so a good compromise for both sketching and writing.

Thanks to the generosity of The Journal Shop (which is excellent, by the way), I have one of each of these pencils to give away as a set. To sweeten the deal, the winner will also get this sketch of some driftwood on Umtentweni beach.

To have a chance of winning these three lovely pencils (and the sketch), leave a comment here telling me what you would use the pencils for. The giveaway is open worldwide and closes at 9am BST on Saturday 9th August. The winner will be selected randomly.


  1. I’d really like to try these pencils as they are hard to get here, thanks for the chance :)!
    I’d use them for drawing because I can’t stand to write with pencils (I’m weird I know), probably combining their different hardness for a portrait.

  2. Well, i really need to work more on my still life drawing skills and since it’s summer i’ve been creating a ‘summer sketchbook’ to present when i go back to uni but i really need more detailed drawings in it to help me improve myself.
    and, summer is always a great time to draw outside!

  3. I’m working on my sketching. These pencils would help! Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. I would give them to my daughter (she’s 28 years old) who is a talented artist and a bit of a fetishist about materials!

  5. I would use them for sketching, as you do. Probably would end up drawing comics with them too.

  6. I’d give the 602 to my father, who likes nice wood pencils for his crosswords, and then I’d use the other two to learn about shading when I do Zentangles.

  7. I would use them as prizes for the students in my art class. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’d love to try the Palomino pencils. I’ve used the 602 before but neither of the other ones.

  9. For me, new pencils and writing tools leads to new inspiration and the desire to learn new techniques!

  10. Would love to win and try these pencils for my day to day sketching and journaling. I’m always open to a new tool that will help me give the looks I’m going for. Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. I’d use it for writing shopping list. Maybe I’ll stick a magnet to it and stick it to fridge door so it’s always there to be found.

  12. Well, because I’m a self-learner and just adapt with anything that I’ve got at home, I don’t use many drawing tecniques and many different pencils (I only have one that’s it’s quite nice, actually c:). So! This being free is a great shot that I have to take to make my sketch book a little happier. He’s kind of bored to have only a companion.
    So yep.
    *voodoo luck dances*

  13. I would use the pencils for my outdoor sketches
    cooladam1 at live dot com

  14. I’ll keep the Blackwing 602 and Blackwing Pearl for writing/editing and the gift the other one to a friend who loves sketching. Thanks for the chance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I’m going to gift one to my friend who’s going to go back to study art while I’m going to use them to draw botanics.

  16. I’d gift the pencils to my daughter to make sketches for the (beautiful) chalk pastel drawings she makes and I’d keep the sketch for myself as I love to have paintings on my walls.

  17. Greetings. I use the Pearl to get down first thoughts for writing, then edit with the Blackwing and final edit with the authoritative 602.

  18. I ‘ll give it as a gift to my nephew,he’ll be delighted to use them for his awesome scatches

  19. I would give them to a friend, who has been, ill to use them for her beautiful sketches as she recovers.

  20. I’d give them to my daughter, an aspiring illustrator who is about to begin college.

  21. I’d probably use them to write with. May get a little adventurous and learn how to draw.

  22. I would use these pencils in my brand new midori notebook that I have just recieved from #@thejournalshop to start sketching again

  23. I’d surprise my friend (who uses exclusively pencils when drawing) with them ๐Ÿ™‚

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