Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker review

Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker notebook review

This is a review of the A5 lemon yellow version of the Clairefontaine Europa Notemaker. It’s also available in A4 size and in blue, pink, green and purple. There are 120 pages (60 sheets). The cardboard cover is stiff enough to make for comfortable writing if resting the notebook on[…]

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Da Vinci Notebook stone paper folded

Da Vinci stone paper & Kickstarter campaign

The Da Vinci Notebook is a Kickstarter campaign that finishes on Thursday 24 April 2014. As I write this it has reached more than twice its funding goal. Da Vinci Notebooks use bleach free and wood free paper. In fact the paper is made in an environmentally friendly way using[…]

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Doane Paper Grid Lines notebook review

Doane Paper Grid+Lines notebook review

The Doane Paper Grid + Lines pocket notebook is an extremely well made little notebook with unique (you guessed it) gridded and lined paper. The cardboard cover is good and thick. It’s certainly thicker than the cover of a Field Notes notebook and seems a little thicker (certainly stiffer) than[…]

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Rhodia Webnotebook (A5, lined) notebook review

Rhodia paper (made by Clairefontaine, if we’re being particular) is the paper by which I judge all others. It is lovely to use with fountain pens. It’s very hard to get pens to bleed or feather or even show through. Inks shine. It’s the paper that makes the Rhodia Webnotebook[…]

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Monsieur Notebook (Fountain Pen Edition)

Monsieur notebooks have been promoted as a better quality alternative to Moleskine. They’re made with leather covers and come in a wide range of styles. This is the fountain pen version. The paper is good: much better than Moleskine, that’s for sure. Not as good as Rhodia though. There is[…]

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