Faber-Castell Ecco tip

Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment Drawing Pen Review

Faber-Castell is better known for the Pitt drawing pen but if you look hard enough you can find this alternative: the Ecco Pigment Liner. I was able to get this pen at a discount thanks to Cult Pens’ support of the site. These are my own honest opinions. Price: £2.80[…]

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Namisu Nova review

Namisu Nova Fountain Pen Review

The Namisu Nova was born of a successful Kickstarter and is now available to buy. Namisu are a British company and that, sadly, is rare when it comes to fountain pens, so I’ve been particularly interested in seeing what they’re doing. The Nova is Namisu’s second pen. It’s available with[…]

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Taking the Sinclair for a Spin (picture)

After literally months of trying I was finally able to get hold of a Nock Co Sinclair pen case. (I’ll review it in a few weeks but, spoiler: it’s pretty much perfect.) And what better place to try it out than by the beach on a rare sunny day?

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Start Bay notebook review

Start Bay Notebook Cover Review and Giveaway

Start Bay is a little bay on the south Devon coast here in England. It’s also home to Start Bay Notebooks, makers of these simple leather notebook covers. Thank you to Start Bay Notebooks for sending me these covers to review (and to give away, see below). These are my[…]

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Edison Collier Fountain Pen Review

The Edison Pen Company’s main business is in custom-made pens, their Signature Line, but they also have this Production Line range, made in the same way but in larger quantities and without the customisation possibilities. The benefit is that they’re cheaper and more readily available. I was lent this pen[…]

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