Studio Tartuensis Classic Notebook Review and Giveaway

Studio Tartuensis are, in their own words, A museum and studio for letterpress and intaglio techniques, a hotbed of new ideas for old crafts, a center for print-related education, research and art. They’re based in Estonia and they have a cat called Johannes Gutenberg. If you’re not already falling for[…]

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Kaweco Perkeo Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the Kaweco Perkeo giveaway. There were a lot of excellent suggestions for colour schemes, as well as some truly eye-watering ones. The winner was Scott D., who said: All blacked out Perkeo!!! Congratulations Scott!

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More Pens for Sale

It turns out I’ve developed some expensive tastes so I’m continuing to sell pens in order to raise funds for more (but fewer) pens. I’ve now reached the stage where I’m selling pens I really really love. However, my thinking is… I love my Pelikan M200s but if I can[…]

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Goathard Sunburnt Orange featured

Goathard Sunburnt Orange Fountain Pen Review

Brad Goathard is a UK-based pen maker who specialises in individually turned metal pens. Price: £269 Filling method: standard international cartridge/converter Barrel options: this pen is named after its barrel finish but Goathard makes many other machined metal pens in different finishes Nib options: stainless steel medium or fine The[…]

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Kaweco Perkeo featured

Kaweco Perkeo Fountain Pen Review And Giveaway

The Perkeo is being pitched as Kaweco’s entry-level pen. It comes in some unusual colours. Is it any good, though? Price: £15 Filling method: standard international cartridge/converter Barrel options: oh my goodness: ‘cotton candy’ (pink and grey); ‘old chambray’ (blue and ivory); ‘bad taste’ (pink and black, with a black[…]

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